What is an Air Conditioner Short Cycling and How Do I Prevent It?

When you look at your air-conditioning unit, you’ll notice a big rotating fan on top. This fan has the sole purpose of pulling hot air from around the room and throwing it out of your home. How does this happen? The ac system inside compresses and then expands the refrigerant to produce and then remove heat energy.

When ac short cycling happens, that cooling process starts over again before it finishes its first cycle.

The ac system is designed to provide your home with a comfortable living environment, but short cycling prevents you from reaching that comfort level. It will also increase your energy bills and reduce the air conditioner’s lifespan.

Arnold’s Air Conditioning can provide ac maintenance service, ac tune-ups, and other ac services to residents living in Jupiter, FL, and surrounding areas. With regular ac maintenance, we’ll minimize any possible short cycling by catching potential problems before they occur.

So, What Causes AC Short Cycling?

1) Dirty or clogged air filters: To ensure that the ac unit can function efficiently, we recommend that you clean/replace the air filter every 1-3 months depending on how often you use your ac unit. If you have pets, we recommend that you change the air filters once per month. This will help prevent dirt and hair from entering your ac unit, which could hinder its performance during start-up and shut down cycles.

2) Clogged ac condensate drain: Take a look at the coils and see if they’re icy. Water can get trapped in your air conditioner due to the clogged condensate drain line, causing the evaporator coil to turn to ice. This will then force your air conditioner to turn off. If the coils are icy, you’ll want to turn your ac system off and let it thaw. If it continues to occur, you’ll want to call in an expert to see what the larger issue is.

3) Low refrigerant levels: A refrigerant leak will cause a drop in coolant levels due to heat transferring from the coils into the hot air outside—resulting in ac short cycling. With any type of leak, we recommend you call for professional ac service and ac repair.

4) Oversized ac unit: When you have an incorrectly sized system for your home, it will output too much cool air and short cycle in the process. Our team at Arnold’s Air Conditioning can help you find the suitable ac unit for your home and then follow up with regular ac maintenance and ac tune-ups.

5) Electrical issues: If you suspect you have any loose or corroded wiring, call us right away, and our technicians will inspect your unit, provide an ac tune-up, or complete ac repairs if needed.

Suppose you need help dealing with an issue that may be causing your ac unit to experience ac short cycling or other problems. In that case, our certified technicians will be more than happy to help ease any worries you have regarding your ac system. Our services include ac service, ac maintenance, ac tune-ups, and ac repair.

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