What Happens If the Air Conditioning Condenser Is Clogged?

The air conditioning condenser is a device that converts the air into cool air. It does not create cold air; instead, it makes surrounding air cool by removing heat. As a result, surrounding air becomes cooler and provides a pleasant and refreshing environment inside your home.

The air conditioning condenser needs some space for moving air around, so it has a set of fins on its exterior. These fins help catch maximum incoming air from outside and trap hot air to prevent cooling down of outside air. Additionally, these fins are designed so air can pass through them but not the dust particles. But there’s a chance that the air conditioning condenser being clogged by dust particles.

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What Causes The AC Condenser To Clog?

There are many reasons due to which the air conditioning condenser gets clogged. One of them is that air gets into the home through open doors and windows if they’re not air-tight. Therefore, air seeps inside, giving rise to dirt formation on air conditioning condenser fins surface.

Another reason can be the accumulation of dirty water, which flows out from the air conditioner drain hose at the backside. This hose is located over dirt; therefore, its upper portion starts trapping airflow around air conditioning unit and getting clogged.

How Will I Know the AC Condenser Is Clogged?

If your air conditioning condenser gets clogged, you’ll be able to notice it. Airflow around the air conditioning unit will get reduced because air cannot pass through air conditioning fins. The air circulation rate around the unit decreases since air cannot reach other parts of the air conditioner.

Secondly, hot air starts to accumulate outside, which results in stopping further cooling activity inside your home. Because of this, your air conditioner will not be able to provide you with any relief from the heat. Also, sometimes if it is a heavy clog, your air conditioner may stop working for a few seconds or minutes altogether as it can lead to malfunctions in electric components of your air conditioner.

What Can I Do to Keep the Ac Condenser From Clogging?

To prevent or minimize the possibility of a clog, we recommend you get your air conditioning condenser cleaned once a year. The air conditioning condenser fins should also be kept clear of dirt because it will help air around the air-conditioning unit flow freely by keeping it clean and dry.

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