What Do You Do When Your AC Compressor Stops Working?

The compressor is one of the most necessary components of an air conditioning system. Its function is to transport heat away from the home while compressing the refrigerant fluid. The warmed refrigerant is heated further, converting it from a gaseous to a liquid condition. The temperature of the liquid must always be higher than that of its surroundings.

Summer heat may be brutal, and the worst thing that can happen is when your HVAC compressor breaks down after AC installation in West Palm Beach. Something is sure to go amiss with the HVAC’s compressor, given how often it operates. Here’s an explanation of why it may be happening:

Reasons for compressor failure

When you switch on the air conditioner, you may see the fan working even though the compressor is not. In most circumstances, the problem is simple enough for a quick do-it-yourself remedy, but there are times when an HVAC specialist is necessary.

Dirty filters and coils

The accumulation of debris and dirt in the filters, evaporators, or condenser soil might cause the entire unit to shut down. A blocked air filter considerably lowers airflow, causing the evaporator to stop working. Clogged air filters and condenser coils exert strain on the compressor, causing it to overheat.

In the best-case situation, the compressor shuts down automatically before it is harmed.

For this purpose, we handle all and any AC repairs in West Palm Beach. Otherwise, the constant overheating may need the replacement of the compressor.

Capacitor And Starter Relay Problems

The starting relays and capacitors are critical components in powering the compressor. They are the most common cause of compressor issues. The capacitor supplies the energy required to start and run the compressors, blower motor, and outer fan.

The starting relay is responsible for transferring power from the capacitors to the compressor. When a compressor isn’t operating, but you hear buzzing sounds from it, the compressor may be attempting to reach a non-operational capacitor. The advantage is that they are the simplest and least expensive parts to replace.

Compressor has died

This can be caused by a minor problem such as a defective capacitor or an overheated machine. When a compressor fails, the only alternative is to replace it. It should be noted that a compressor replacement should be performed by a professional.

Power/electricity issues

If the air conditioner compressor isn’t operating, but the fan is, the outer unit containing the compressor isn’t getting electricity. The fan continues to run since the central unit is not experiencing any problems. If the compressor does not start, inspect the cabling that connects the two units. If it’s a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, your quest is over. A malfunctioning thermostat, mismatched interior, outdoor units, or outdated AC are all possible culprits.

Regular maintenance of both appliances is the best preventative approach since it eliminates most problems before they become more serious.

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