What are the key features of Lennox AC?

When buying anything new, it is natural to do your fair share of research, trying to know every little thing about the product. Especially for a significant investment like an air conditioner, it becomes necessary to know and understand every feature, pros and cons, and other relevant things.

If you plan to buy a Lennox AC, give this article a read as we have listed down the best features of a Lennox AC for you. And while at it, we will also look at one of the best Lennox air conditioning repair services.


When it comes to efficiency, your one-word answer to that is modulation. Modulation can bring up to 95% efficiency and, in some cases, higher than that.

Lennox air conditioners come with modulating furnaces that are extremely useful in the changing weather, providing you with just the right temperature for your home.

Gas Furnace Efficiency

Another great feature of Lennox HVAC systems and air conditioners is its gas furnaces. They are, by far, the most efficient gas furnaces that you will come across.

They are built with a primary and a secondary heat exchanger, which helps transfer the maximum heat. It is the highest capacity that you won’t find in any other device.

Heat Exchanger

Talking of heat exchangers, Lennox provides its clients with a Duralock Plus heat exchanger that is the most efficient and reliable in its class.  As heat exchangers can be considered the core of a good furnace, Lennox leaves no space for compromises.

Made with ArmorTuf steel, this heat exchanger serves its purpose most durably, making your furnace the strongest. You will never have to worry about sudden system failures ever again.

Solar Modules

The feature to be highlighted next is power and energy saving. Lennox devices are fixed with SunSource Solar modules that use solar power to provide energy to the unit. Therefore, you can say goodbye to all the expenditures behind fossil fuels and electricity for good.

What is better is the extra energy captured by the solar modules can be further used to supply power to other electrical appliances around the house. Talk about double saving!

Sure-Light Ignitor

The right ignitors can help your device’s life span increase by leaps and bounds. With that in mind, Lennox provides Sure-Light igniters in its unit to ensure longevity, efficiency, durability, and reliability.

There you have it — the critical features of Lennox AC that you must know. Now that you know what the Lennox air conditioners are all about, you can go ahead and invest in the right unit and enjoy the best services.

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