Troubleshooting a Lennox Elite Series Furnace

Troubleshooting a Lennox Elite Series Furnace

Lennox has been manufacturing excellent furnaces, HVAC systems, air conditioning systems, etc. over the years. When it comes to Lennox furnaces, there are different series in which these devices are available. The most popular ones are Merit Series, Elite Series, and lastly, Signature Series. While the Signature Series is the best of the lot and the prices of these furnaces are the highest, the Merit Series features affordable but quality furnaces. The Elite Series is the medium one and is better than Merit but has lesser features and efficiency than the Signature Series. The majority of the population looks for Lennox Elite Series furnaces for its features as well as price.

Problems in the Lennox Elite Series Furnaces

Furnaces are mechanical devices and they develop various kinds of problems from time to time. The problem might be a sudden one or a gradual one. Sometimes lack of servicing and maintenance are the main culprits for the development of problems in the Lennox Elite Series furnaces. Getting in touch with the best Lennox HVAC technician near me is highly recommended in such a situation.

Mentioned below are some situations which can be troubleshot on one’s own with a little know-how about Lennox Elite Series furnaces:

  • The Furnace is Extremely Noisy

In the furnace, check the access panel first. In case it is loose, it will rattle and that will make quite a lot of rumbling noise in the house.

Now check the fan belt inside the access panel. Get some lubricant spray and apply the same on the fan belt. However, if you see that the fan belt is tattered, get it replaced.

Now is the turn of the blower motor. Oil might be given to this part through the induction ports, which are located at the base of the furnace unit.

Along with all these, dirty burners might also cause noise from the furnace. Withregular use of old oil, the burners tend to become dirty faster. Every 5 years, get the burners cleaned by a professional technician.

  • The Furnace Does Not Start When It Is Supposed To

In the Lennox Elite Series furnace, this is the most common problem and has been reported by many users. What happens is that the furnace starts intermittently. However, once it starts, it runs fine. There might be a communication gap between the furnace control relay and the thermostat. There is a relay box attached to the furnace side and two wires run to the thermostat. On the box, there are some lights. If the lights don’t appear, it means that the furnace relay circuit board is broken. If they blink on and off, there is some loose connection in the wiring.

  • The Blower Doesn’t Stop Running

In Lennox Elite Series furnace, it has often been seen that the blower doesn’t stop running. There might be two causes of this problem – there might be an incorrect setting of the blower control or the limit switch in the furnace unit is not set.

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