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Your air conditioning and heating unit has an important role to play in keeping you and your family comfortable. But its sudden breakdown would not just rob you and your family of your comfort, it can also cause a big dent in your pocket. And that’s where Arnold’s Air Conditioning comes into the picture! At Arnold’s Air Conditioning, we make sure that none of our customers have to face a situation like the one we just mentioned. Here’s how we make that happen!

Know About Us

Arnold’s Air Conditioning is an HVAC services company based in South Florida. We have been serving our clients for their commercial and residential air conditioning and heating needs for more than three decades. We have an excellent track record of 100% satisfied clients. We take pride in the fact that most of our clients are repeat customers who trust us completely for their air conditioning and heating services. And the credit for making this possible goes to our team of dedicated technicians who have stayed committed to our goal of providing exceptional services to our clients by staying focused on the clients’ needs. Not only is the team fully trained and equipped to take up all sorts of air conditioning and heating jobs, but they also have the required experience for serving all types of setups, ranging from residential to commercial to multi-family units.

Why Choose Us?

●    100% Customer Satisfaction

We, at Arnold’s Air Conditioning, settle for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. For us, simply meeting the expectations of our clients is not enough, we go one step further. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide them a service that is unparalleled in the industry.

●    Committed Team of Technicians

Our team of technicians fully understands how much we value our clients. And therefore, they give their 100% when it comes to resolving any of our client’s issues, no matter how big or small. Also, all our technicians have the necessary licenses and certifications that make them eligible for the job. Finally, our technicians keep updating their knowledge and undergo regular training to stay updated.

●    Free Estimations

We provide quotes for customers who want to know beforehand how much an issue with their HVAC unit would cost them. And the best thing is that we don’t charge our customers a dime for it. Call us, and we will send a technician to your place for a physical inspection of your air conditioning and heating unit.

●    Repair-First Policy

We strictly follow a repair-first policy which means we don’t recommend our clients a replacement as long as there lies even the slightest possibility for repair. We value our customers’ hard-earned money, and therefore, we will recommend a replacement only if repair is no longer an option.

●    Fully-Stocked Service Trucks

We value the time and money of our clients. And therefore, when our technicians visit our clients, they arrive with a fully-stocked service truck so that almost all repairs can be done at your home. This not only helps us save the time that would have otherwise been spent on taking the unit to our service center for repairs, but it also helps us give faster solutions to our clients. And just in case there is a replacement-related issue, we have arrangements for that too.

Services We Offer

  • AC Installation

The performance of an AC largely depends on its installation. Location of installation, size of the room where the AC needs to be installed, and several other factors need to be considered when installing an AC. Our experienced technicians will ensure your AC is installed in a manner so that it runs at peak efficiency. So, if you are looking for air conditioning installation services in Port St. Lucie, Arnold’s Air Conditioning is the name you can trust.

  • AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of an air conditioner not just helps increase its performance but it also increases its longevity. Reduced energy bills is another benefit that you can add to the list of benefits of AC maintenance. So, if you are looking for an air conditioning maintenance service in Port St. Lucie, we would love to help.

  • AC Repair

Whether your air conditioner has been blowing warm air, making strange sounds, or not working at all, our technicians at Arnold’s Air Conditioning are fully trained and equipped to handle any and every air conditioning repair issue. As a company, we have more than 3 decades of experience in providing exemplary air conditioning repair services in Port St. Lucie.

  • AC Replacement

Running an old air conditioner that needs replacement can add to your monthly energy bills. Also, there are chances of a sudden breakdown. But we also understand how expensive replacements are, and therefore, at Arnold’s Air Conditioning, we perform a complete inspection of the AC before recommending a replacement.

  • Heater Installation

Installing a new heater may sound like an expense, but if installed right, it can help you save big on your energy bills. Arnold’s Air Conditioning is one of the few heater installation companies in Port St. Lucie with more than three decades of experience in this field. We also have a 100% track record of successful heater installations.

  • Heater Maintenance

Lack of heater maintenance can lead to several problems. A timely heater maintenance can help detect the more minor issues while there’s still time. Because if ignored, these minor issues can lead to significant damages that can burn a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for heater maintenance services in Port St. Lucie, we are here to help!

  • Heater Repair

Is your loud and unruly heater not letting you sleep? If you have been facing any issue with your heater and everything you tried seems to have failed, we recommend you to call us and schedule a technician visit. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to take care of any heater repair-related issue, no matter how complex it is.

  • Heater Replacement

If your heater is way past its age, you are just adding to your monthly expenses by running a heater that’s low on efficiency and high on energy bills. Give us a call and get your heater checked by one of our certified technicians to determine whether or not it’s a good idea to hang on to that old heater.

Schedule a Technician Visit

If you face a problem with your air conditioning unit or need help with its preventive maintenance, we at Arnold’s Air Conditioning are here to help. You just have to pick your phone and schedule a technician visit. Call us at (561) 677-9961, and one of our customer care experts will get back to you right away.


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