Lennox Heat Pumps: Top Models of 2021

Lennox is a reputed name when it comes to HVAC systems, heating systems, cooling systems, etc. If you are looking for good-quality heat pumps, Lennox is a good option. The heat pumps from the company are reliable, efficient, and most importantly, quiet. All the heat pumps from Lennox come with superior SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, ENERGY STAR qualifications, and HSPF (Heating Seasonable Performance Factor) ratings.

Some unique features of Lennox heat pumps include humidity control, solar support, proprietary SilentComfort Technology, dual-fuel capability, etc. Excellent heating is provided through Lennox heat pumps with minimal energy consumption.

Top Models of Lennox Heat Pumps

Lennox heat pumps come in two categories – single-stage and multiple-stage. There are three series in which the heat pumps are divided – Merit, Elite, and Signature. The size of the units varies from 1.5 – 5 tons. Mentioned below are some top models of Lennox heat pumps:

  • 16HPX Heat Pump

This heat pump is ENERGY STAR qualified and comes with efficiency ratings of 9.5 HSPF and 17 SEER. There is a 2-stage scroll compressor in the unit offering efficient performance. The pump comes with the multi-stage operation, and thus, it regulates its function as per changing weather conditions. Thus, it caters to energy-saving measures too. The unit is also dual-fuel capable. R-410A refrigerant is used in the heat pump.

  • EL15XP1 Heat Pump

This heat pump is single-stage variety, offering efficient and quiet comfort throughout the year. The efficiency of the unit is 9 HSPF and 16 SEER. The noise levels of the heat pump are very low at 71dB because of the direct-drive fan and scroll compressor. The heating and cooling system are seen to be dual-fuel capable, and thus, it can be coupled to the Lennox furnace. The unit is compatible with the smart programmable thermostat of the company. Energy savings are guaranteed with this heat pump. Chlorine-free refrigerant is used in the heat pump.

  • 14HPX Heat Pump

This is a budget-friendly but highly efficient and reliable heat pump from Lennox, offering comfort all around the year. The efficiency of the unit stands at 8.2 HSPF and 14 SEER. However, the ratings might vary as per the unit size. There are a durable cabinet and a scroll compressor in the unit, keeping it quiet and noiseless and making it energy efficient at the same time. Enhanced humidity control is a special feature of the heat pump. Environment-friendly and chlorine-free refrigerant is used in the pump.

  • XP20 Heat Pump

This heat pump offers remarkably impressive efficiency at 10 HSPF and 20 SEER. In 2019, this Lennox heat pump was accredited as the most efficient by ENERGY STAR. Variable-capacity operation is used in the pump so that cooling and heating outputs are adjusted. A comfortable environment is guaranteed without the utility bills touching sky-high levels. The noise levels are as low as 65dB. For advanced temperature control, the unit is compatible with the smart programmable thermostat by the company. Environment-friendly refrigerant is used in the pump.

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