How To Reset Your AC After Changing The Filter?

Summer is just around the corner, and you were probably checking up on your air conditioner to see if it was in working condition, however, when you looked, the air filter was blocked with dirt and debris. Not to worry, though, because you had seen this as a possibility.

Now you are stuck between calling in a company to assist you with AC repair in Boynton Beach or changing it yourself. You decide to change it yourself and follow all the steps given in a DIY article online diligently.

When you are done, you read a line that asks you to reset your AC. What does this mean?

Why Should You Reset Your AC?

Resetting your AC helps you find out if there are any other issues with your AC unit. Plus, if your AC was not working even after being set on the cool mode, a reset can help. With a reset, the system will reboot and give cool air.

Other than that, if you ever have a power outage, your air conditioner might not fully start working because of the protection circuit breaker. This breaker prevents fires and electrical issues from happening.

However, if you think there is a deeper issue in your air conditioner that cannot be fixed with a reboot, call up experts. AC installation companies in West Palm Beach can offer you speedy assistance with whatever issue you might have.

Steps To Reset Your AC

  • The first thing to do when you are considering resetting your AC is to switch off the thermostat.
  • Next, find where your circuit breaker unit is and reset it. The breaker could be in the basement if you have one.
  • The circuit breaker unit box usually comes with labels on all of its switches, so it is easy to maneuver through. Flip the circuit breaker for the air conditioner to off, and wait for 30 seconds.
  • After half a minute is over, flip the switch back on again.
  • Go back to your thermostat and turn it on slowly. Make sure the temperature showing on the thermostat and the temperature setting is accurate, and wait.

After you have reset your air conditioner and thermostat, all you need to do is wait. Hopefully, all the steps you have mentioned above help you with any problem that you were having with your air conditioner or thermostat.

A lot of problems with an air conditioner happen because of some fault at the circuit breaker unit. Once you reset that, there is a good chance these problems might go away. If you do not see the results you were expecting, it would be a good idea to call a team from AC repair in Boynton beach to help you.

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