How To Remove Dirt And Dust In A Lennox Furnace?

Yeah, we know that dirt and dust are troublesome when it comes to furnaces. They clog up the ducts, air filters, burners, flame sensor rods and even go so far as to shut the entire furnace down. You regularly need to maintain your furnace and clean it up so that there are zero build-ups of dust and dirt in your furnace. Maintaining a furnace is a necessary task to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Want to know the best ways to get rid of dirt and dust in your Lennox furnace? Keep reading this article to know how to remove the dirt and dust in your Lennox furnace and to gain some insightful tips regarding its maintenance.

What Are The Best Tips For Maintaining Your Lennox Furnace Efficiently?

Your Lennox furnace needs regular care so that it does not have any problem in starting or running efficiently. You should regularly clean it so that the exchange of heat is proper and so that you’re not troubled every time you start the furnace.

  • Keep the filters of your Lennox furnace clean

Keeping the air filters of your Lennox furnaces is one of the best ways to maintain it. Regular dust and dirt build-up can stop the efficient airflow of the furnace and increase the heating costs. Also, dust and dirt build-up can lead to slower cooling and heating and this might lead to physical discomfort in extreme weather conditions. You should make sure that your furnace filter has a cover over the slot. Also, you need to replace your filters once a month.

You can contact HVAC experts or authorized Lennox dealers who can recommend you the perfect filter based on your furnace’s model. Additionally, your furnace’s filters might need more attention if there is major dust or dirt build-up. Usually, home repairs are enough to clean the furnace but you can also contact HVAC experts if you are unsure or need a filter change.

  • Remove the dirt and dust in your Lennox furnace regularly

You should always keep an eye on the dirt and dust on all the air registers of your house. Regularly inspecting the air ducts of your house and your furnace is an important task as well, which requires the same amount of attention and an eye for detail. Dust that builds up in your Lennox furnace’s air filter can lead to reduced airflow and increased electricity costs.

Dust and dirt can clog your furnace’s air filter. This is why you need to clean your Lennox furnace’s air filter regularly or you can contact our heat pump service in the Stuart team to help you out with that. Other Lennox authorized dealers can help you with this as well. They can –

  1. Clean the burner and inspect the burner’s flames
  2. Clean the blower after removing it
  3. Clean the flame sensors
  4. Clean the air filters
  5. Use vacuum cleaners for the cleaning process

You should not take this issue lightly. Cleaning the dust and dirt off your air filter is extremely necessary to maintain the longevity of your furnace. For more information, visit our website now or call us on (772)-247-0337.