How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Condenser Unit?

An AC system has three main components: condenser, compressor, and evaporator. The condenser is the central part of the entire AC unit. Any problem in this unit would prevent adequate cooling or heating of your house.

This article tells you about the likely problems in a condenser and the estimated cost of repairs.

Working of the Condensing Unit

In most of the split AC constructions, the condensing unit is installed outside the house. The refrigerant passes into the condenser with the help of the low-pressure line. It travels via the coils where the air passes over to start chilling it down. Later, the coolant passes to the compressor unit via the coils.

The compressor converts the low-pressure fluid into a high-pressure gaseous vapor. These vapors are passed to the condenser coil. This finishes the entire procedure of cooling. From there, it goes to the evaporator unit. In this way, the whole cycle repeats.

Types of AC Condenser Units

Condenser units are available in three main types:

  • Water-Cooled

This type of condenser uses a tubing structure to pass water via the system. It is further divided into three kinds of tubing: shell and coil, dual-tubed, shell, and tube.

  • Air-Cooled

This type of condenser is majorly used in commercial and residential places. People who have split conditioners mostly have an air-cooled condenser. They are cost-effective air-cooled units but cost a hefty monthly energy bill.

  • Evaporative

This type of condenser is a combination of an air-cooled and water unit. Its installation is relatively cheaper than its counterparts and more efficient, durable than other units.

Parts of AC Condensers That Can Be Replaced

An AC condenser unit comes in various parts. Each of them has a specific role to play. These parts are mentioned as:

  • Condenser Coils
  • Condensate Pump
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Condensate Drain Line
  • Condenser Pad
  • Condenser Relay Switch or Run Start Capacitor

Common AC Condenser Problems

A condenser unit requires a high voltage to run it. Excess voltage can cause the heat exchange and moving parts to malfunction. AC repair port St Lucie indicates the following problems to lead to a failure in the AC condenser.

  • Accumulation of dirt and debris in the unit
  • Leakage in the unit due to rusting
  • Accumulation of debris blocking off the coils in the condenser unit.
  • Damage in the inner coils of the condenser
  • A leaking or swollen capacitor
  • Damaged condenser relay switch
  • Defective control board
  • Exhausted motor

Condenser Replacement & Repair Costs

The condenser unit’s failure’s significant reasons include the coils, circuit control board, fan motor, blockages, leaks, capacitor, or contactor. To treat these issues, you need to take the assistance of a professional AC repair contractor. A majority of AC repair Boca Raton firms charge an hourly fee of around $60 and $160 per hour.

Things to Consider When Repair/ Replace Condenser Coils

Systems Age and Efficiency Upgrade are the two crucial things you should consider when repairing or replacing a condenser coil.  The area, region, and situation can also impact the final repair/replacement cost. Always obtain three quotes before you finalize an AC repair contractor.

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