How Much Does An AC Unit Cost For A 2000 Sq Ft Home?

Several factors affect the price of an air conditioning unit. One of them is the square ft. of the home. It helps in finding out how much area you want to cool in your home. Installation of a central AC into a 2000 sq. ft. home would cost anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000. Let us learn more about it in detail.

What Cost Factors Are Involved In AC Installation?

According to the AC repair Stuart, there are various factors that one should consider to arrive at the total AC installation cost.

  • Specific models of AC units only need to install the AC unit itself, whereas central AC conditioning will need ductwork installation as well. This makes central AC units more expensive than the rest. Ductwork installation adds $1,500 to $5,500 to the existing cost.
  • In addition to this, you need to consider the square footage of space. The more sq. footage you want to cool, the more efficient and powerful your AC unit should be.
  • Then comes the brand of air conditioning systems. The price of AC can depend on the brand of the system as well.
  • Next is the cooling capacity or BTU. Higher the BTU, the more efficient cooling it will provide to the user. This implies that if you want to cool a large space, you need an AC with high BTU. An air conditioner with high BTU is comparatively expensive than the low BTU ones.

Air Conditioning Cooling Capacity

British Thermal Units is a unit that measures the cooling capacity of a place. You would need an AC unit of more BTU to keep that place cooled or heated.

Types of Air Conditioning

The type of AC you choose will impact how much amount you would pay for installation.

  • Central Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioner generates cool air and distributes it throughout the building via ductwork. This is the highly expensive option that can go up to $7,200 with the installation.

  • Window Units

This type of window unit is ideal for small rooms. It is the least expensive type. You can install it without requiring any professional. The average cost of this type of AC unit is around $350 with the installation.

  • Splits

This is a ductless form of AC units. It is designed for older houses that are built without any air conditioning system. In this type of AC, half of the unit lies inside the house, and the rest half lies outside the home. The average price for this AC unit is $2,500 with the installation.

How Is The Cost of AC Installation Computed?

An HVAC specialist generally does the installation of an air conditioner. AC repair at West Palm Beach can be done with the help of professional air conditioning repair technicians. The average installation cost is $1,000 to $3,000 charges. The average cost of installing a ductless air conditioning system covering 2,000 sq. ft. is $2,500.

What Would Be The Cost Of An AC Installation For A 2,000 Square Footage Area?

The average AC unit that has a 1-ton cooling capacity can cool approx. 400 sq. ft. of your home. It would generate around 12K BTU (British Thermal Unit) per 600 sq. ft. Taking it as a reference, you would need an AC of 5 tons capacity to cool 2000 sq. ft measurement. This A/C unit will be capable of removing 60K BTU’s per hour. It would cost anywhere around $1,980 for a single AC unit.

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