How Do You Know if Your AC Is Low on Freon?

Do you suspect a refrigerant leak in your AC unit? Well, a refrigerant leak is a common problem and requires inspection and repair services by an expert technician.

Your air conditioner will need more Freon refrigerant only in case of a refrigerant leak. Whether it is a slow refrigerant leak or a quick depletion of refrigerant levels, replacing a refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is quite expensive. Thus it is always recommended to hire expert technicians to keep up with your HVAC system’s regular maintenance and routine checkup.

Important Signs That Your AC Is Low on Freon Refrigerant

According to experts, your air conditioning system must never be low on Freon refrigerant. However, if there is a refrigerant leak in your system, it will eventually impact the better performance and effective cooling of your air conditioner.

So, here are a few important signs that you must always look for to check whether your air conditioner is low on Freon refrigerant.

  1. Your AC is running but not cooling
    Many homeowners probably don’t know that it is the refrigerant that primarily absorbs the heat in your living rooms. However, if your air conditioner is running but not cooling appropriately, then it could be because of low refrigerant levels in your HVAC unit. So, make sure to consult an AC repair technician in this regard for better technical assistance.
  2. High electricity bills
    If your HVAC system is working all day and night, you will probably notice a difference in your monthly power consumption bills. However, if your energy bills are rising without any overuse of your air conditioner, then it could be a warning sign that your air conditioner requires Freon refrigerant.
  3. Air vents blowing warm air
    Without adequate refrigerant levels, it would become difficult for your air conditioning unit to absorb the heat from your living rooms. Thus, the low refrigerant may result in warm air coming out through your AC’s vents. This is when you must immediately call an AC repair technician to restore the optimal performance of your HVAC system.
  4. The build-up of an icing layer on coils
    While checking the condenser unit of your air conditioner, if you notice any icing layer on the outer central unit or the refrigerant line, it could probably be a sign of your AC running low on Freon.
    You need to know that the evaporator coils of your system get too cold in case of low refrigerant and push the liquid refrigerant back to the refrigerant line, thereby causing it to freeze up. Thus, make sure to schedule AC repair services as soon as you notice any icing layer on your HVAC system.

Need Help With AC Maintenance and Repair?

Letting your air conditioner work on low refrigerant levels will eventually cause your air conditioning unit to freeze or even lead to a complete breakdown. Thus, you must call for professional help and seek technical assistance for restoring the energy efficiency and maximum performance of your HVAC system.

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