Getting Your AC Ready for Summer

Energy bills are always a matter of concern for any homeowner. Heating the home during winters and cooling the home during summers is something that you cannot avoid doing. Autumn and spring are the times when you don’t need these, and your energy bills are lower. With the scorching summer sun over your head, it is obvious that you will need your air conditioner system running so that you can remain comfortable. But, if your system is not ready for the summer, you will end up paying more bills.Mentioned below are some very helpful and effective steps that will help in getting your AC ready for summer. You will also be able to understand if you need any kind of AC repair in West Palm Beach with this checkup.

  • Ensure that the Condensation Lines Are Clean–There are high chances that the pipe which carries condensation away from the air conditioner machine gets clogged. If this happens, the condensation will get back into the machine or in the house. The problem is quite messy and will come with a hefty repair bill. Find out the place where the draining from the pipe takes place, and see if it is draining properly.
  • Change the AC Filters–During any AC installation in West Palm Beach, the professionals recommend that AC filters remain clean. And for that, they might need to be replaced at frequent intervals. This is the most uncomplicated maintenance you can do for your AC so that it keeps running smoothly.
  • Check the Ductwork for Any Leakage–Leaky ducts are a common problem in air conditioners, and might be one of the reasons for increased energy bills. Sealing the leakage can help in making good savings on the bills. If you see small holes, disconnected joints or separated pieces in the ductwork, seal them with a proper tape.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat–Having a programmable thermostat installed in the home can help in saving considerably on energy bills. For instance, when you are away at work, you will not need the air conditioner at home. The programmable thermostat will switch off the system and save energy. If you don’t have one, get one immediately. They are easy to install, and you can program them on your own.
  • The Fins Should Be Cleaned–There are fins on the outside unit, and cleaning them up will help in better running of the air conditioner. Take a soft brush like a small car cleaning brush or a toothbrush for cleaning the fins. Run the soft brush across the fins very gently so that the thin metal does not bend. In case it bends, there are tools for straightening them as well.
  • Cleaning the Coils of the Outdoor Unit–If the outdoor unit doesn’t have a cover, there are high chances that mud, dust, and debris will collect during the winters. These lead to clogging up of the unit, and the machine runs sluggishly.

Before contacting a company offering services of AC repair in West Palm Beach, try these simple steps, and get your machine ready for summer. For graver issues, contact the professionals.