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10 Signs you Require Ductless AC Repair in Stuart, FL

Like other climate control systems, ductless AC systems are susceptible to issues. You put more wear and tear on the unit, the more you use it and this makes it more likely to develop a problem. And, living in Stuart, FL, you can plan on using it a lot. However, keeping an eye out for warning signs is the best way to protect it. The sooner you spot a problem with your ductless system, the sooner you can have it repaired to prevent further damage and the need to replace the system. Below are 10 signs you may need ductless AC repair in Stuart, FL.

1. Grinding Noises Coming from the Air Handler

Grinding noises coming from the air handler isn’t a good sign and you don’t want to hesitate calling for repairs. The noise means the oiled bearings (designed for decreasing friction in the system’s motor) are becoming worn. This could result in the motor becoming overheated and burning out.

2. Ice Formation on the Cooling Coils of the Outdoor Unit

The evaporator coils can freeze when there’s reduced airflow. Some reasons for this include:

  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • A clogged air filter
  • A dirty coil
  • A refrigerant leak
  • A broken fan

If you ignore this issue, the ice’s weight can warp the cooling coil and you’ll need a full coil replacement.

3. Low or No Response Coming from the Unit

If you’ve changed the batteries in the remote and your ductless AC system is still not properly responding, it could mean there’s a problem with your system. First, attempt to manually turn it on and off without the remote. If there’s still low or no response, you definitely should seek ductless AC repair in Stuart, FL. The problem could be within the electrical connection and therefore, calling in a professional HVAC service like Arnold’s Air to come and repair it is your best and safest option.

4. Reduced Cool Air Output

If your home is feeling warmer, it’s not in your imagination. It could mean your ductless system isn’t cooling as it should be. This could be due to a refrigerant leak which often leaks slowly, making it take longer for you to notice a change. Your system will work no better than a fan if you allow too much of the refrigerant to leak out.

5. Excessive Condensation

A ductless inverter technology unit that’s operating properly shouldn’t ever create exterior moisture. If there is exterior moisture, it means there’s something very wrong and you’ll need a repair. You can call Stuart, FL’s Arnold’s Air to come and address the problem.

6. Filters are Dirty

If the air filters aren’t cleaned and remain dirty, it can block airflow which can keep your unit from cooling properly. 

7. Bad Control Board

Your ductless AC unit will have at least a couple outside control boards along with an inside one on the unit. These can fail on occasion and call for a replacement.

8. Poor Installation Quality

When your system isn’t installed properly, it could fail to properly cool your space. 

9. Strange Odors

If you notice any foul or pungent odors coming from your unit, it could mean there’s a number of system issues. 

10. It's an Older System

If your AC system is more than 15 years old, it increases the chances of it breaking down. You might want to call a technician to come over and take a look and see if you need any repairs or replacement if you can’t remember when you bought it. If you notice any one of these issues above, give contact us at Arnold’s Air to come and take a look. To ensure your ductless system is generating quality air at all times, it’s important you have any issues repaired right away. There’s no home in Stuart, FL that doesn’t require high-quality air conditioning in the summer months. Our professional technicians will come and inspect your ductless system for any signs of broken parts or damage. If we find any, we’ll come up with a plan to quickly have it operating efficiently again.

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