AC Not Cooling? Know The 6 Reasons And How To Fix Them

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Have you ever faced the problem that your AC is running but not cooling as expected? Most of the homeowners face the same issue more than once in the lifespan of their AC. Many times, the air conditioning unit blows out hot air instead of cooling the house. This issue can feel like a severe one when encountered during the summer days. There can be many reasons for the problem. Know the 6 most common reasons why your AC is not cooling, and how to fix them.

6 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling:

  1. Dirty Air Filter: Unclean air filters may be a big reason why your AC is not cooling even when running. Commonly, the AC filters get clogged with dust and dirt, causing various problems apart from affecting the cooling. It may also interfere with the working of the thermostat.

How to Fix: Air filters need to be cleaned every month, and cleaning the air filter is not hard to perform. You can simply pull out the air filters from the indoor unit of your AC, and clean them under running water with the help of a soft brush, before reinstalling them.

  1. Incorrect Thermostat Setting: You need to keep an eye on the working of the thermostat if your AC is not cooling correctly. If your AC is blowing out cold air for some time and then lukewarm air, you need to check with the thermostat setting.

How to Fix: To ignore facing such an issue, you may turn the thermostat setting of your AC to auto mode, instead of ‘On’

  1. Dirty Outside Unit: Cleaning the indoor unit alone will fix only half of the cooling problem you might be facing with your AC. Though the outer unit is not in front of our sight all the time, it needs equal attention as the inside unit does. An unclean outdoor unit affects the cooling.

How to Fix: You need to clean the condenser by removing dirt and other debris from it. The condensation pipe also needs to be free from any kind of clog. You can get professional help from an Arnolds Air Conditioning technician to get your AC cleaned from time to time and upkeep the utmost health.

  1. AC :Faulty or broken motor is another reason behind your AC behaving inversely. If the motor fan is broken or faulty, the outdoor unit of the AC will not dissipate heat, which will eventually affect the cooling ability of the AC.

How to Fix: The motor problem of your AC needs professional hands to get fixed. Call at (561) 677-9961 for a technician from Arnolds Air Conditioning to set the broken motor.

  1. Low Refrigerant Level: Refrigerant absorbs the heat from the surroundings, and its insufficiency might lead to compromised cooling. If there is any leakage in the refrigerant, your AC might fail to cool as expected. You need to get AC servicing done in regular intervals to ignore facing such an issue.

How to Fix: If you identify any unusual sound from your air conditioning system, there can be an ice build-up in the outer unit of the AC. Call (561) 677-9961 and an Arnolds Air Conditioning professional will sort the problem.

  1. Damaged Compressor: A compressor manages the flow of the refrigerant between the condenser and the evaporator. Therefore, a damaged compressor will affect the cooling.

How to Fix: If your AC compressor is damaged, it needs to be replaced instead of fixed. Call (561) 677-9961, and hire an experienced professional from Arnolds Air Conditioning to fix this problem.